Fleeing The Complex

You always knew stick figures were trouble. Well, now you have to break one out of jail. Fleeing The Complex is a hilarious Choose. An Adventure style game that lets you go on a narrative journey where failure is imminent. Henry Stickman concocting an escape plan in order to get out of the world’s highest security prison: “The Wall”. You have to make a series of choices, hoping that each one gets you closer to freedom. But keep in mind, nothing is as simple as it seems for Henry Stickman.

When we say that the game couldn’t be easier to play, we really mean it. It’s not that it’s easier to win – you just don’t have to do anything but make choices and watch to see what the consequences are. What could be easier than that? Granted, the choices are sometimes misleading and trick you into picking a losing option, but the results are always up roaringly funny.

Henry Stick is the kind of guy that hasn’t tasted much success. His previous attempts at thievery may have proved fruitful, but he isn’t enjoying the spoils while locked up in a prison cell. All of his shenanigans have done nothing more than put him in an icy cell block with some of the roughest, toughest stick figures he’s ever laid eyes on.

The game is voiced and animated, so you get to see each choice played out in a video feature (pretty cool, right?). All you have to do is click which choice you want, and the stick figure characters will act it out. A lot of the options are, shall we say… stupid. We say “stupid” with a sense of fondness for the ludicrous concept of the game. The stupidity of the game is what makes it so fun.

After all, what kind of a choice is “sandwich”? We don’t suggest taking the sandwich option, but we know you’re going to anyway. It’s too hard to resist. The plucky soundtrack and Russian accents of Henry’s Soviet captors make the farce even funnier. There are several ways to win, so you can play the game time and time again to get a different ending.

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Fleeing the complex Review

It’s stupid. It’s funny. It’s a bunch of stick figures playing Cops and Robbers. When you really think about it, there’s no wrong way to play the game. Each failure is more entertaining than the next, and you get to go back and make a different choice if you fail (versus starting from the beginning again). Henry Stick is our kind of guy. We look forward to future installments with more hilarious shenanigans and epic fails at his hands.

Developer: Stickpage
Mode: Single Player
Genre: Stickman, Escape
Platforms: Browser, Mobile

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